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Trillionaire Kid Cryptocurrency and Blockchain School


Kids today are smart. Clean minds ready to be filled with ‘new’ knowledge bombs.

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We are a free ‘school’ for kids and parents that includes short videos, games, and more ‘courses’ you can take in order to easily get started. Learn about the newest way to make money and how to start generating your wealth…for all ages, starting at age 5!

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Mining. Austrian Economics. + More…let’s go.

“never stop learning.” – said every successful person

The Trillionaire Kid Community

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The Trillionaire Kid Community

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FUN videos and ‘courses’, games, and more  to get started on what you need to know and the steps you need to take to get started generating wealth as a kid- in today’s world– Limitless opportunities ahead…

The Trillionaire Kid Community

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Connect with our Twitter & Telegram community. Our safe digital space so we can all share results, ideas, questions and grow together. 

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“Easy to understand!”

“I heard about “Bitcoin” from some co-workers, and then my son came home from 1st grade one day and said Mom I want an NFT for Christmas. “What”? So I just did an online search and decided to join Trillionaire Kid because I wanted to learn about this market as if I were a kid. My son loved learning through the TK community, and we have had all our friends (that have been interested in learning more) join too! Easy to follow, and great teachers. Thank you TK! I made an account for my son, and we both have wallets!”

-jodi, mom of 2

Meet the original trillionaire kid

Cannon L was born in 2016 and started earning quarters at age 4. Cannon bought his first $60 Mario Lego Bluetooth set from Kohl’s at age 5 with his own money. He was hooked…

His Mom runs a digital marketing agency that started blockchain marketing in 2019. She introduced Cannon to Bitcoin at age 5. They decided to find a way to help kids learn about the future of money, freedom, and the blockchain!

Meet Trillionaire Kid Cannon Lenhart

“mom, I want to earn digital gold. I will give some of it to kids that don’t have any food, and the rest I will buy more Legos.” – cannon l

the trillionaire kid’s mom

(The ‘Teacher’)

Cannon’s Mom, Sam, starting cost-average investing in Bitcoin in 2019.  At the same time, she started to learn everything she could about blockchain technology and Bitcoin in order to build a new service offering for her digital marketing agency. Blockchain marketing was born.

Sam opened Coinbase accounts for all 3 of her kids (including her 4 mo. old) in 2019, and has since been cost-average investing in each account in Bitcoin on a monthly basis. She has since switched to using the Amber App. After being introduced to Mark Kohler, Sam opened Crypto IRAs for each of her kids. She started showing Cannon his profits, and he instantly wanted to learn more. TK was born.

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